Wednesday 30 May 2007

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I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy.

Sunday 6 May 2007

Online Debate


It seems I'm a con in the debate. I wonder how it was chosen? Random probably. I'm probably as far from a con as you can get but whatever. Anyway,

ACT 1 - Scence 1.

An argument in the Staffroom

(Scene: Two teachers, Logos and Antilogos, are locked in heated debate over the relative merits of how the school budget fits with the use of computing in the curriculumn. Other teachers look on, waiting for their chance to enter the fray.)

Logos I'm telling you, every classroom should be a lab and every teacher computer literate.
Antilogos Look, I am not saying that computers are not a useful tool for some subjects in the classroom, I'm asking why a physics should have to know how to design webpages never mind fix the damn thing when those flashing-lights come on saying "Danger Will Robinson, Danger!" Surely, it's best left in the hands of professional web designers and computer technicians.

(Antilogos, sensing that others particularly the music teacher is becoming interested, poses a leading question).

But while we're on the subject, where exactly are the school board going to get the money for all these computers from? Pluck it off the money tree? Get real!

Logos Well, what about those artsy-farsty courses. We don't need them. This is the harsh reality of life and what we need is people who know how to work in the real world not some commie-layabouts smoking Gittanes and spouting poetry! Also, you may as well ask why should they have to know how to speak and write in English? It's time they got with the program. This is the digital era not quill and ink.

Music Teacher. What do you mean artsy-fartsy. Are you trying to insinuate that your business program should take precedence over musical intelligence. Probably not, since the meaning of half those words would be lost on a fatuous ignoramus such as yourself.

Logos. If we had a computer here, I'd show you were you could stick that woodwind instrument you're carrying.

Antilogos. Exactly, that's another point. If there are computers in every classroom how are you going to control what they're looking at. 14 year old boys, 2 guesses what they'll be looking at. Sounds like a recipe for a 40 years in jail, just like that poor teacher down in Norwich, Conn.

(Teachers ears prick up and they inch a little closer. Jail time for using computers, what's this? Can I use this as an excuse to get out of using those damn things?)

Logos seeing the others crowd round.

Stop scare mongering, that's all you ever do.

(Chemistry teacher sitting by a bookshelf). Actually, I believe the name of the gentleman (or not depending on whom one believes)is Julie Amero. [Hey that's a woman! Yes,yes but it doesn't go with my pun]. A substitute teacher I believe. One of the jurors even echoed your thoughts Logos,

"If a 40-year-old school teacher does not have the sense to turn off or is not smart enough to figure it out, would you or any other person wanting her teaching your child or grandchild?"

Seems that they believe a cull is in order.

Class bell rings and teacher file back to the trenches.

(To be continued)

Thursday 3 May 2007

Chat Boxes


The girls liked my chat box so much that they all wanted ones of their own. 20 mins later they were busy chatting. javascript:void(0)

It seems that these chat boxes serve both as synochronous and asynochronous communication technique.

They were also asking about uploading video so Youtube the next stop.