Wednesday 28 March 2007


Some of the girls are starting to lose interest in the blogs. It seems the "wet cement" (XXXX 200X) isn't even waiting until the end of the course!

Not overly surprised though, since, as my wife reminded me, "How long was it before we did the same?" Probably, as XXXX noted (200?), has something to do with the narcisism factor or believing that one has something to say or, if in a community, that people are wanting to hear something.

Anyway, one of my co-teachers has asked me to get some of the girls to post their written exercises on the blogs. Then, they can be corrected and edited.

Getting the girls to post

The girls have been adding pictures to their blogs to spice them up a little. Another forgotten password today. I really have to make comprehension questions from the other blogs for them.

Also, I've been reading about M-Learning. Interesting idea but I'm wondering how I could use this technology?

Tuesday 20 March 2007

Some Technical Difficulties


We lost one blog due to a forgotten password. Shame really because she had chosen a good name.

Anyway, all the students have been told to record their usernames and passwords on their phone.

One of the students has started to upload photos already.

Monday 19 March 2007

First Group of Students Blogged on

Today our first group of students blogged on, well 75% did but we'll sort the rest out tomorrow. I think they were all pretty excited, but why don't you click to their pages to find out.

Tuesday 13 March 2007

Do onto others, as has been done onto you!

Right, we all know what they say misery loves, so I've decided to make my students become bloggers as well!

In this way they will have a weekly writing exercise and I'll have information with which to update this blog.

Not only that, but I'll also have data with which to discuss in different forums(a), Latin endings!

Friday 9 March 2007

Ding dong - the bells are ringing

God, I hate Blogs!

Never was one for diaries but for this USQ MAEdTech, I have to keep a reflective journal so here goes.