Friday 27 April 2007

Wil E. eat your heart out

Nokia N800

Me likey. Now, how can I get to write material for this.

Tuesday 24 April 2007

Technology is like black magic.

OMG! I remember reading early on how one teacher running an ILC confessed that trying to get the computer systems to work was as near as black magic as they wanted to come! Well, I can totally empathise with this person.

I downloaded the audio file about chat in Second lLif, 3 days ago, from Dekka's Decks and it was in flash format, space saving device, I think. Anyway, I tried to upload it to youtube from work but couldn't so I had to change it into MP3 format by playing the flash file while recording it in audacity. Found out that the Lame file was missing from audacity, had to download that and then download another piece of software that converts MP3 to .AVI extensions.

A lot of hair pulling later and I had a movie file to upload. 2Hours! to upload to youtube and the recording quality now sucks but I have a playable file.

Now off to post in the USQ boards before they close. Shame really 'cos I don't think I'll include it in the analysis but the others might like it.

Saturday 21 April 2007

USQ inworld


Done a bit more exploring and found some interesting stuff. Sitting in a lecture hall, complete with video screen, which has been set up for chat or voice chat.

There was also a voice recording about the place which I'm trying to upload.

There was also a discussion board downstairs in another room. This place was really cool.

Here is a link to Peggy Sheehy's blog who took the classes.

Friday 20 April 2007

On-line Courses in a Virtual University in 2nd Life.


Now I'm getting really enthustiac!

Here's me flying around SL, complete with furry tail, and where do I stumble into - Herdfordshire University

Well, being the curious fellow that I am, I pop along to the internet and yahooandbehold (I don't google) there it is. So after printing off the promotional flyer and having a read I'm think that this encapsulates many of the strands that this module is talking about. Here we have a game 2nd life, so we're engaged, where the students from 2-75 can interact "in settings... from the serious to the fanciful".

In the university, they use traditional media but also the SL chat and interactive audio via skype. No mention of discussion boards though, so I'm wondering if these would be meta-game?


And there's more. USQ have a campus as well. Well, Lindy McKeown has. She has set up a campus that I've just about to look around. I wonder if Petrea is aware of this?

McKeown, L. (2007) Tera Incognito. In Second Life. Retrieved 20th April, 2007 from

The New Media Consortium. (2006). About the NMC Campus.

The New Media Campus wiki. NMC-Campus:About page.

Tuesday 10 April 2007

Checking out ScribeFire's features


While on the

ElearnEnable - Home

right clicked menu and "blog this page" option. Let's see what happens.

(Well, it seems that it'll insert a link to whatever page you are currently on.)

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Sunday 8 April 2007

Testing of this ScribeFire link

Checking out this ScribeFire link at the bottom of the Firefox Screen. Lets you open a window and type stuff to appear on your blog.

Also has other settings which I'll play with later.

Powered by Publish>ScribeFire.

Insertion of video material


One of the giirls was trying to insert video into her blog the other day, so I've just done it to see how it's done.

I'll probably have to show them how to set up a YouTube account now.