Wednesday 28 November 2007

Microsoft Windows Live Services - Yesss Please.

My computer crashed about 7 months ago and I lost a lot of stuff I had downloaded. Well anyway, as part of this USQ MEdTech we needed some way to communicate and since Skype is banned in the UAE, I had to look at using something else. I had just started using Windows MSN prior to the crash so I said what the hell and redownloaded it.

As soon as I had, windows live messanger poped up and said that 1 of my friends was online and I had 20 something unread messages in my inbox. This got a thumbs up straight away. Anyway, I started chatting away and realised that I could send audio and cam feed. I was liking it better and better.

Later, I was working on my wife's laptop and realised I needed to print something but that it was not connected to the printer. No bothers, I opened a shared folder from her MSN on her computer to my MSN with the computer that was connected to the printer. Hey presto, file printed. That saved me buying another printer.

Now, I just find out that they do Microsoft TV (like YouTube) and give 1GB of hosted storage free so I uploaded some .pdfs. I'm wondering now how I get to search other public folders and if they'll do tags and networks like

Anyway, the point of this is that although I'm having problems navigating to the various sections of the interface at the moment (they seem to change appearance everytime I log in)and also that the various tools are in Beta, I really like the look of all these combined aspects. I can't wait to see what they do next.

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