Sunday 25 November 2007

Google Jockeying


I was at a USQ elluminate meeting the other day and was busy throwing out URLs into the backchannel as one does. (I have to try to appear clever someway since it doesn't happen in real life). Anyway, catspyjamas (people have some weird names these days. Just as well children don't get to pick their own names)said that I was a right google jockey. This passed me by at the time but I later yahooed it (I don't google!) This brought me to the educause article and some other sites.

Well I'm thinking that this could be quite useful when teaching and indeed at the CLTI2007 conference I realised that this was what was happening, through multiple jockey's.

Anyway Pros Vs Cons

Students focused
Additional material generated
Move from broadcast media to collaborative

Diversion of attention
2nd projector required
Jockey's skill
Internet connection speed.

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