Friday 23 November 2007

Online book repositories

I was just reading about Kindle (Google's new ebook internet connected reader). Now while my wife has bought 2 ebooks I haven't got any. (Though I did take a couple of editions of Sherlock Holmes' stories from somebody's home the last time I was in Second Life. I wonder if that classifies as breaking and entering? Hmmm?)

Whatever, I like the concept. You have phones these days that are all about listening to music, or playing games or taking pictures but reading books (if they turn it into a phone)... Problem here would be carrying it. After all it's 7.5" x 5.5", Penguin paperback size. Ruins the suit pockets and who wears a suit these days? Possibly those projection googles.

Anyway, this got me to thinking about all the downloaded .pdfs that I've got on my computers, portable hard discs, etc and I was wondering why there's not a repository for storing articles/books etc. something like

I suppose this would function like a folksbrary but you would be able to tag any article as private. They would have to have some sort of mandated fields and upload size but I'm sure they'd sort that out.

How would they pay for it?
Now, that's the question I wonder about with YouTube, ImageShack, etc. Surely advertising doesn't bring in that much money?

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